Stories from our home - Angus Hayhow from Mackie's of Scotland (Subtitled)

Angus Hayhow, Marketing and Brand Manager

Angus is the first of the fifth generation of his family to work at Mackie’s. While Angus may be new to living on the Mackie’s farm in Aberdeenshire, having grown up in Edinburgh and begun his career as a lawyer in London, he is no stranger to it. Visiting his grandparents on the farm from as early as he can remember, as well as working in the ice cream dairy on summer holidays from school and university have made it a place familiar to and loved by him. Having undertaken a career change, Angus now forms part of the marketing team at Mackie’s and looks forward to helping grow the brand and the business in the years to come.

Company information:-

Mackie’s of Scotland, a fifth generation family business based on the family farm in Aberdeenshire, make all of their ice cream and chocolate on site. The farm employs around 90 people and sees Mackie’s real dairy ice cream made from “Sky to Scoop”.

“Sky to Scoop” is the phrase Mackie’s use to refer to the sky as the source of all its ice cream making processes. The wind and the sun power the turbines and solar farm, which produce more than double the energy Mackie’s needs to power its ice cream dairy. The rain and the sun grow the crops, which feed the cows, who produce the majority of the fresh milk and cream needed to make Mackie’s smooth, creamy ice cream.

As well as producing its own energy, Mackie’s makes as much as it possibly can on the farm, including its own packaging, fruit sauces and honeycomb.

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